If you want to learn something, read about it.
If you want to understand something, write about it.
If you want to master something, teach it.
— Yogi Bhajan

 International Training Course for Teachers of KUNDALINI YOGA

The Aquarian Teacher

K.R.I. - I° Level

YogaUnion announces the launch of the international teacher training course for Kundalini Yoga as taught by Yogi Bhajan.

The training starts on October 20, 2018, and takes place over 9 weekends in Turin and 5 days of Ashram Experience in Portugal (near Lisbon), home of the international school of Karam Kriya and residence of the course director, Shiv Charan Singh.

The Teacher Training will provide students with an effective set of tools to cope with everyday life to the fullest extent of their potential and to savor every aspect of it. It is a path of profound personal growth to deeply study a thousand-year-old technology for the development of human potential and expansion of awareness.

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Shiv Charan Singh

Lead Teacher of this training. Teacher and spiritual counselor of extraordinary depth, professionalism and experience. He is founder and director of the International School of Karam Kriya (Applied Numerology), has taught Kundalini Yoga for 30 years, holds training courses for teachers and spiritual counselors and seminars around the world. He lives in Lisbon with his wife Satya, who is also a trainer. Author of several books, including Let the Numbers Guide You.




october 20 – 21, 2018

Yoga Origins, Types, Lineage and Becoming a Teacher


  • Types of Yoga: Traditional and modern. Definition of Yoga and Yogi/ni.

  • Kundalini Yoga as the mother of all yogas. Householder’s yoga. Balance Shakti/Bhakti.

  • Golden Chain: Adi Mantra and class structure. Baba Sri Chand, Guru Ramdas is

  • Gurudev, Yogi Bhajan.

  • Code of Ethics: Professional Code and the 16 Facets of the Teacher. 7 Steps to Happiness.



Sat Sangat Kaur

sat sangat kaur.png


november 17 -18, 2018

Shabd, Mantra & Sadhana

  • Quantum Shabd Guru: The 4 yugas, Kali Yuga and Naam as the supreme yoga of the Kali Yuga.

  • The nature of the Age in which we live. The great transition between the Piscean and Aquarian Eras.

  • The changes and challenges of the times and what is needed.

  • Human sensory system: The body as a communication system.

  • Mantras: The meanings, effects and how to sing the mantras of Kundalini Yoga.

  • Sadhana: The importance and value of a daily discipline of exercises and meditation. Building your Sadhana (personal spiritual practice) slowly and steadily.




Ardaas Singh

ardass singh.png


december 8 – 9, 2018

Yogic and Western Anatomy


  • Western Anatomy: Body systems and specific organs. How stress and lifestyle can affect them and how yoga and diet can help.

  • The Yoga Process: Concept of energetic rejuvenation/balance/elimination (G.O.D.).

  • Yogic Anatomy of Gunas, Tattwas, Chakras, Nadis, Vayus, prana and apana. The path of the Kundalini, the 3 locks/bhandas.

  • Addiction: Effects of drugs; cautions and pitfalls; power/money/sex.

  • Diets: Effects on the body, organs and system.



Jiwan Shakti Kaur

Jiwan sakti.png


JANUARY 19 - 20, 2019

Breathing and Living


  • Pranayama: Body - breath - brain – consciousness.

    • What, how, why of the breath. Its nature, importance, variations and effects.

  • Yogic Lifestyle: Guidelines, wisdom and tips for all aspects of life.

  • Addiction: How Yoga and the yogic lifestyle help.

  • Relaxation: Its importance, different techniques



Sat Mitar Kaur



february 16 – 17, 2019

Posture, the Technology of the Times


  • Kriya: Concept and practice.

  • Asana: Angles, triangles and rhythm.

  • Effects, benefits, cautions, facilitations.




Sat Hari Kaur



MARCH 16 - 17, 2019

Mind and Meditation

  • Meditation: The techniques, types, effects over time (minutes and days), stages and states. Gong, mala, mantra, celestial communication, mudra, prayer, sat nam rasayan, tratakum and points of focus.

  • Tantra; black, red and white. Brief outline of the 4 limbs of Patanjali’s Ashtanga: Pratyahaar, Dharana, Dhyana, Samadhi.

  • The 3 minds; training the mind.




Gurudass Singh


Gurudass Singh.png

april 13 - 14, 2019


  • Humanology: We are Spirits here for the Human Experience.

  • The possible Hu-man Be-ing, soul’s choice, soul’s journey,

  • Pregnancy - 120 days, the mother, Birth – 40 days. Role of the mother and father.

  • Being fe/male, growing up, Moon Points, Lifecycles. Meditations for Wo/men.

  • Relationships –the highest yoga. Venus Kriyas. Tips for Communication.




Meherbani Kaur



MAY 11 -12, 2019

Roles and Responsibilities

The Art of Being a Student: Obey, serve, love, excel.

The 5 steps to wisdom, the 4 errors.

  • The Nature and the Art of a Teacher: Poke, provoke, confront to elevate.

    • 2 laws – keep up and deliver. Teacher's oath.

    • 16 Facets. Code of Ethics


  • Roles and Responsibilities: Inside and outside the class.

    • Teaching in different spaces, different levels and different groups.

    • Before, during and after the class

    • Message, market and media

    • Preparing yourself, preparing a class. Managing, and maintaining, the time, the space, the ambience and the people.


  • Administration, Gurudakshina and prosperity.




Kirpal Singh



june 15 – 16, 2019

Yoga Philosophy, Death and Dying


  • Philosophy: Key terms and concepts in Yogic Philosophy.

    • Sutra of Patanjali. Importance of Concentration.

    • Yamas and Niyamas in detail, from Pranayama to Samadi

    • Maya and the cycle of manifestation - the ladder of subtlety.

  • Death and Dying: What happens when we die and after death?

    • The stages, the issues, the opportunities and the technology.

    • Dead/Liberated while alive.



Sat Sangat Kaur

sat sangat kaur.png


+ Ashram Experience

August 30 – September 3 2019

AT Quinta Do Rajo (Santa Susana, portugal)

Completion and continuity

5 days of community life immersed in a natural landscape, a place full of peace not far from a beautiful beach on the ocean, living the teachings of Kundalini Yoga. We will meet and share the experience with an international group of practitioners, led by Shiv Charan Singh and his wife Satya Kaur. You will stay in dormitories or nearby apartments; the food will be organic and vegetarian, with locally produced products.

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